I linked this page on my fanbox cause I use fanbox as a way of payment for commissions.

Each tier on fanbox gets points every month:

1 pts/month
6 pts/month + 1 bonus
13 pts/month + 2 bonus
loli cunnysseur
55 pts/month + 5 bonus
loli master
80 pts/month + 5 bonus

These points are permanent, once you get them even if you unsub your points will still be there if you ever come back.

Each consecutive month some tiers also get bonus points, tho unlike normal points, if you unsub you lose all bonus points you have accumulated.

if you're not planning to get a commission I would recommend to only pledge on "fan"

for commissions I open a number of slots at a time, I will post about it on pixiv, baraag and also discord if you're there.

Just keep in mind that I may not be available at the moment you get enough points for your commission.

  • These are the things I won't draw at all, if you want some of these I'm sorry but I can't help you with them:

    • gore
    • scat
    • vomiting
    • violence
    • necrophilia
    • extreme insertions or hyper stuff in general
  • This is a list of things that even tho I could draw, most of the time I would prefer not to

    if you're planning to commission something on this list please ask before becoming a fan

    • birthing
    • bugs
    • futas
    • big tits
    • "grannies"
    • overweight girls
    • furries

    most of these things I could draw them if they involve a loli. For example in the case of futas, if it's an older futa with a loli, I would be ok with that. futa lolis, probably not so much, tho still negotiable.

    same with furries, if there's a cub involved, also ok with that.

    Keep in mind that most of the time I won't post on pixiv or fanbox the commissions with items from this list, so even tho there's no "private" commissions anymore, they would count as private in these cases anyway. Because of that, I may give lower priority to them in the queue and they may cost a bit extra sometimes.

    There also may be extra costs involved if you want something that's not mentioned here, but is still too far from what I'm normally willing to draw. So ask first!

  • if you need your commission quick for whatever reason, you can let me know and I can give you priority, maybe for an extra cost, but normally I work at a rather slow pace, mostly cause I'm not a full time artist, I have a job that takes a good chunk of my time, and on top of that I have other obligations that usually make it hard for me to draw every day.

    depending on how many slots I opened, the wait time could be weeks, or even months in some cases, specially if your commission is a set rather than a single image (I will give priority to single image commissions) or a commission on the "yelow list".

    If you're not ok with that, please don't pledge.

  • I used to take private commissions some time ago, but for the time being I will only work on commissions I can post on fanbox or pixiv (and yellow list commissions but those are an exception).

  • in most cases, no you shouldn't share it.

    The only situation where it would be ok to share the uncensored version as soon as you get it is for yellow list commissions.

    normal commissions would be posted as fanbox content, and you shouldn't share them while they're still fanbox exclusive content (usually a month or 2).

    if you're not ok with that, please don't pledge

  • For now the only way to know the price for a commission is to ask me directly via pixiv dm or discord.

    Eventually I'll add a tool here so you can get an estimation for commission prices, but I'm prioritizing working on commissions right now so I'll probably work on that later.

if you have any other question not listed there, feel free to dm me!

commission status: closed